We’ve all tried to get out of an event we didn’t want to go to. Maybe you’ve pretended to be sick by fake coughing into your phone, or that you had another engagement like throwing a surprise birthday party for your dog.

This might work for the common person, but when you’re presidential candidate and former first lady Hilary Clinton, it just might be a little more complicated. Clinton, who did in fact win the popular vote for the presidency, recently spoke to Graham Norton on his talk show about trying to avoid President Trump’s inauguration.

“I tried to get out of going,” she revealed on Friday’s broadcast. She explained that she had not been invited to attend as a presidential candidate or as Trump’s opponent, but that it was simply a formality for former first ladies to attend.

“The Tradition is all presidents and former first ladies all show up regardless if republican or democrat to show support, continuity of our government.”

Then Clinton did something I think all of us can admit to having done at least once or twice in our lives.

She called up a few of the other guests scheduled to attend to see whether or not they were going. If a few others weren’t going to go, then maybe that would make it acceptable for her to skip the event, too.