Have you ever quit your job? Odds are you’ve at least fantasized about putting in your notice in a spectacular fashion. If you’re thinking about leaving your work, take a few tips from these people who all came up with creative ways to let their boss know that they wouldn’t be coming back.

They might not all have been nice, but they were definitely memorable.

10: Bake a Cake

Chris Holmes, aka Mr Cake, was working with the border force at Stansted Airport when he decided to quit his job. Holmes, who had dreams of becoming a full-time baker, made his resignation letter for his bosses into the form of a cake. How sweet!

9: Use the State of Montana’s Facebook page

This one was a bit of a mistake, but in 2012, a social media manager at an advertising agency accidentally posted his resignation on a client’s Facebook page instead of his own personal page. In this case, the client happened to be the state of Montana!

Certainly a lot of people found out how how this guy left his job!  A spokesperson for Montana’s tourism office said: “Obviously, it wasn’t content intended for our Facebook audience.”

8: On live TV

KTVA reporter Charlo Greene quit her job on live TV. She had been previously reporting on The Alaska Cannabis club without disclosing her involvement in it. She then revealed to the show’s viewership that she was the owner of the club and would be quitting her job with KTVA to pursue the fight for the legalization of cannabis full-time.

She concluded her last broadcast by saying: “As for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f**k it, I quit.”

7: Use a marching band

Joey DeFrancesco enlisted the help of his bandmates to play him out in style. He filmed the musical resignation, and has since become an internet sensation after the video went viral.

6: Do it on a airplane

In 2010, flight attendant Steven Slater left his job as a flight attendant by deploying a plane’s emergency exit slide to leave his place of work. He is reported as yelling “I’ve had it. That’s it”, as he slid away.

Unfortunately he was also fined $10,000 for the stunt.