Intimacy in a relationship is about a lot more than just sex. Knowing your partner’s hopes for the future will help the two of you work together to build a life for yourselves. But sometimes intimacy can be as simple as sleeping in the same bed.

Once two people are in a long term relationship, their sleeping pattern becomes routine, even if they aren’t yet living together. You have an assigned side of the bed, and the two of you will usually fall asleep in similar positions each night.

However, it’s now emerged that one of the first signs of a flailing relationship is the position you and your partner sleep in, and relationship expert Kate Taylor has revealed what this sleeping position says about your relationship.

1. Your position

“If you fall asleep back to back, then your intimacy will most certainly suffer,” Kate said to The Sun.

This position represents a couple who have chosen to ignore their issues, instead of having an honest discussion about them.

“Facing in opposite directions is a bar to spontaneous kissing, intimate chats and eye contact. This is one surefire way to drift apart.”

Kate suggests banning mobile phones from the bedroom to prevent scrolling before bed. It will give you and your partner a chance to talk.

Kate suggests that couples make “a conscious effort to talk and cuddle up before bed. Face the same direction and have physical contact as you doze off. Holding hands or touching feet will bring you closer.”