In 2010, Angelique Robledo found out she was going to be a teenage mom.

Thought the 17-year-old from Arizona was no doubt scared and unsure about entering parenthood, she embraced it and started preparing herself for the day she’d meet her son. Being a first time mother, she didn’t know what to expect about giving birth or raising a child. It’s a safe bet, however, that she never thought someone would literally try to steal her unborn baby from the womb.

While Robledo’s son, Ryland, is safe now, his life (and his mother’s) was put in jeopardy before he was even born.

A few months after learning she was pregnant, Robledo met another teenager named Kassandra Toruga, who said she was expecting as well.

The two bonded over their pregnancies, but in early 2011, Robledo was shocked to learn the truth about her new acquaintance. On February 16, Toruga showed up at Robledo’s house, then set fire to her closet while the two were alone. Robledo was nine months pregnant.


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