Makeup artists are all the rage on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and their incredible talents can see them rack up millions of followers.

One makeup artist who has recently soared in popularity is Promise Tamang, otherwise known as “The Human Chameleon”.

Promise uses a variety of different materials and makeup to transform herself into some of the world’s most recognizable figures. The results are always incredibly impressive, and she seems to do it effortlessly.

Promise has made quite a mark on both YouTube and Instagram. On the former, she has nearly five million subscribers, plus she has over a million followers on the popular photo sharing app.

Soon after rising in popularity, she decided to make a second YouTube channel under the name “Promise Phan” where she posts vlogs and makeup tutorials.

She has transformed herself into some of the most figures in popular culture including Pennywise the dancing clown, Betty Boop and Ed Sheeran.

However, her most recent transformation is arguably the most impressive of them all. She has transformed herself into a Bratz Doll, sending her fans wild with excitement. “Who wants a life-size BRATZ DOLL?!” she wrote in the caption, “My sister was shook when she saw me”.

Check out the full video below.