Remember back in 2014 when a certain tanned, blue-eyed convict by the name of Jeremy Meeks stole the hearts of millions of women around the world? Well, incredibly, it has already been three years since the former inmate was dubbed the “world’s hottest felon”.

The 33-year-old’s mugshot instantly went viral when the Stockton Police Department posted it on their Facebook page. And there was just one reason for that: the internet couldn’t get over how smolderingly hot Jeremy was.

While it could have been so easy for the former prison inmate to fade into obscurity, this was far from the case.

In fact, Jeremy who has affectionately been nicknamed “The Blue-Eyed Bandit” managed to land a contract with a modeling agency as soon as he was released from prison in March 2016.

And while many women found themselves fawning over the the “hot felon”, they neglected to realize that he was in fact a married father-of-one. Astonishingly, he had been with his wife for eight years before it abruptly ended last year.

Now Melissa also wants her fair share of Jeremy’s newfound wealth. She is the mother of Jeremy’s children, and as such, she wants child and spousal support from the successful fashion model. In fact, she has now officially filed court documents asking for increased financial support from him and sole custody of their seven-year-old son.

It’s fair game, considering he apparently earns a reported $1 million a month from walking down runways and appearing in photoshoots.