Everyone on this planet has been a virgin at some point in their life, even Hugh Hefner was once considered ‘pure’.

Yet as humans, we seem to have an inherent obsession with the topic of virginity. Are you? Aren’t you? When did you lose it? How did you lose it? The questions are endless, and usually the focus of every drinking game you have ever played. “Drink if you were disappointed with your first sexual experience…” is a certified way to get the party started.

So to fuel the human interest in virginity, WatchCut asked nine people to come forward as part of a fairly embarrassing experiment in which they were asked to guess who in the group was a virgin. The results may surprise you…

“Do you think you could pinpoint someone who hasn’t slept with someone?” the interviewer asks his bemused subjects. “I do think you can just tell,” one participant responds, with a sly smile. With that, the game commences as the startled volunteers step forward.

Each member of the group is then set with the challenge of deciphering who has, and who hasn’t ‘popped their cherry’. In order to get the results, they are permitted to ask any questions they wish – however, it quickly turns into an interrogation.

“Do you like big dicks?” (“Yes”), “What’s your sexual orientation?” (“Pansexual”), “Do you masturbate a lot?” (“Yes”), “Do you do any online dating?” (“Yes”), “What do you call genitalia?” (“The Bermuda Triangle or Squishy”), “Do you consider yourself a sexual being?” (“Yes”) are only a few of the invasive questions asked.

Rather than be perturbed by the incessant stream of questions, the participants rise to the challenge and answer them in spectacular fashion.

However, when it came down to the big reveal, there was a major plot twist that nobody had seen coming…