In 1997, Aqua declared that “life in plastic, it’s fantastic,” and since then the world’s mild fascination with plastic surgery exploded in one giant silicon bomb. The glazed, artificial look became the must have accessory for the red carpet, as stars began to tweak every inch of their bodies.

A simple nose job became a forgotten procedure as facelifts, botox, lip fillers and butt implants have grown in popularity. Thankfully, most stars know when to stop, but there are a few who push the power of plastic to the extreme.

One of those people is Rodrigo Alves, who you may know as the ‘Human Ken Doll’.

The 34-year-old reality star is unapologetic about his 56 procedures, some of which have included a hair transplant and ab implants. Despite having spent an estimated half a million dollars on transforming himself, Alves isn’t ready to stop.

Earlier this week, Alves flew to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles to have six ribs removed in an attempt to make his artificial physique more feminine.

Alves, a plastic surgery addict, visited Dr. Micheal Obeng for a consultation on his latest venture, which he hopes to undergo in a couple of months. Talking to The Sun, Alves confirmed that he would be having three ribs from each side of his chest extracted, to help him define a more womanly waist.

“If I have my ribs removed I’m gonna have a classic figure. It’s going to make my waist tiny so I can wear elegant, nice blazers. I have had friends that have done it before – it’s not a simple procedure but it can be done.”

Alves doesn’t seem perturbed by the health risks that come hand in hand with such a severe procedure, instead he appears excited for the surgery. The rib removal plans comes shortly after he spent $25,000 on a hair transplant to give himself a more feminine hairline.