Barbie dolls have lost favor in modern times as parents try to find a more realistic and representative toy for their child. One that doesn’t enforce a vision of perfection onto young, impressionable minds. Even Barbie themselves have addressed the issues surrounding their “plastic fantastic” creation, by making the dolls more inclusive.

Despite this, Rodrigo Alves is determined to model himself on the iconic dolls. The 34-year-old, who has spent over half a million dollars on 59 cosmetic procedures, aspires to remodel his body to resemble a plastic doll. Although, it hasn’t come without risk…

Alves is not shy to show off his new self, often appearing on television shows to discuss his transformation, and flaunting his body on Instagram where he has collected 356,000 followers.

But, his extravagant lifestyle is catching up with him, as he travels the globe to attend parties which have left him feeling “burned out.”

This Halloween, Alves, who has become known as ‘The Human Ken Doll’, pushed himself to the limit when he indulged in a weekend of wild partying in Los Angeles.

Updating his Instagram, Alves uploaded glamorous shots of himself wearing a revealing angel costume during the weekend. However, behind the perfectly polished exterior the cracks were starting to show…

Talking to the Mail Online, Alves admitted that he was “burned out” by the festivities. “Halloween in LA left me exhausted to the point that I ended up in hospital back in the UK,” he said, before declaring that he would be “heading straight to India this week to detox.”