We hear all the time about how our changing climate and increased pollution are affecting our oceans.

From bleached coral to a complete loss of habitat altogether, the ocean is suffering. We don’t see it often, but under the surface the animals there need our help. Creating artificial habitats and reefs is one way people are tackling this problem head on.

A group of artists and scientists got together to address the problem of shrinking habitat near the British Virgin Islands. What they did, though, defies description.

First, they chose a run-down WWII ship called the Kodiak Queen to serve as the base of their new ecosystem. Shipwrecks often become places where marine life can thrive.

Being artists, they also built a giant steel kraken on top. It gave the boat some flair for sure, but the nooks and crannies are also great for the fish who will call it home.

When completed, the kraken looked like it was overpowering the boat, a nod to the way they planned to sink it.

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