Is the girl at reception ignoring you? Does your desk-mate give you the stink eye? Maybe that’s just the way his face looks. It can be hard to tell on a Monday morning.

Regardless of wether you get along with your coworkers or not, you’re likely going to spend more time with them than anyone else in your life. Unfortunately, unlike your friends, you don’t always get to choose your coworkers.

It can be hard to tell how well liked you are at the office, especially in a work environment where competition is high, or ego clashes are common. Even if you work in a low stress atmosphere, you still may be wondering why you weren’t invited out for after work drinks, or why no one wanted the cookies you baked for the break room.

Here are eight tips on how to tell if your coworkers just really don’t like you:

Office Gossip

Does everyone talk in hushed tones when you’re around? Maybe they stop talking to each other all together when you show up. Offices are often breeding grounds for trash talk and if you’re hearing a lot of shushing and low voices when you walk in a room, chances are the conversation may have been about you. After all, there must be a reason your coworkers didn’t want to let you in on what was being said.

Being Ignored

If your coworkers aren’t talking about you, then not talking at all may be worse. If people don’t want to engage with you, it’s usually because they don’t like you. Either that or you need to lay off the onion bagels and tuna sandwiches.

But if you’re not getting replies to emails, or even a simple ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and the beginning and end of your day, then things do not look good. Check to see if you receive eye contact when talking to someone. If they can’t meet your gaze, there is definitely something up.

Trust Issues

Are your best ideas always given to someone else? Or perhaps your opinions are constantly shut down. International business speaker and author Michael Kerr believes this is a telltale sign that someone doesn’t like you.

“If it feels like someone shoots down every thought before you’ve even finished a sentence, then it’s often because their dislike is so strong that they are biased against anything you suggest, even when it’s a great idea.”