We’ve all had squabbles with our significant other. Maybe it was over not doing the dishes, or perhaps washing the colored laundry with the whites. And it’s more than likely you’ve had at least one fight over his or her cooking.

Chances are, whether your partner is a good cook or a bad one, you’ve learned to put up with it. Everyone knows that insulting someone’s home made meal is a big no-no.

After all, if you’ve spent hours slaving over a hot stove, pouring your love into a recipe for your lover, wouldn’t you want to hear that it was delicious?

Jodi Ecklund did, and her boyfriend, Jason Martin, learned the hard way that you should never tell your parter that their cooking was just “okay”.›

On Saturday afternoon, in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Ecklund cooked Martin a spaghetti dinner. When she asked Martin how it tasted, he replied that it was just “okay”. She then proceeded to punch him in the head multiple times and threw several of his belongings outside.

The police were called and Ecklund barricaded herself inside of her apartment. The Chief of Police, Denis Roy, said that Eckland had threatened to kill any officer who attempted to break into the apartment. He also said there was more than one firearm inside.

The incident led to a an evacuation of the couple’s condominium complex, and a heavy police presence in the area. Officers made several attempts to contact Ecklund inside the apartment before communication was eventually granted.

She is accused of threatening police and shouting, “I got the safety off, you can come in now”.