There are certain chronic conditions that go undiagnosed for far too long. This is usually because they are so rare that local octors have either never seen the condition, or the fact that not enough research has gone into ever finding a cure.

But what if a rare condition left you with permanent physical disfigurement? And what if you lived within a culture whereby people created superstitions surrounding your particular disability turning you into a pariah in your own hometown?

Well, one nine-year-old girl from Pakistan has been suffering just that as she has a very noticeable disfigurement.

Her head hangs at a 90-degree angle and this has made people in her own hometown deeply suspicious of her, despite the fact that she is an otherwise typical nine-year-old child.

Her name is Afhseen Qumbar and she is from Mithi in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Afhseen’s condition is thought to be a form of muscular disorder.

However, as of yet, the disorder has not been identified, although concerted efforts have been made to do just that.

Afhseen is unable to hold her head upright: it leans permanently to the lefthand side and has done for most of her life.

Afhseen is also unable to stand and walk properly and has been limited to being in a permanent sitting position. The nine-year-old is constantly in need of assistance when she eats and uses the toilet.

Afsheen’s condition has essentially made it impossible for her to make friends. The children in her area are deeply afraid of her, and even adults have remained suspicious of her. They believe that her unusual disorder must have stemmed from something negative.