With all the makeup and costumes, you can become anyone or anything you want at Halloween. Or, can you? According to Kim Kardashian fan, you have to be very careful with your costume choice.

The reality television superstar is no stranger to controversy, in fact her whole career is built on a scandal. However, for (possibly) the first time in her career Kardashian caused controversy unintentionally, with a Halloween costume which many have found offensive.

In the build up to Halloween, Kardashian opted for a variety of cleverly constructed costumes. First she donned the iconic yellow embellished gown of Cher, worn by the singer at the 1973 Academy Awards. She completed the costume look with the addition of her friend Johnathan Cheban, who dressed as the late Sonny Bono.

The costume was a huge success, with Cher herself congratulating her “Little Armenian Sister” for her “beautiful” reconstruction of the show stopping outfit.

Then Kardashian squeezed her famous posterior into an elegant cocktail gown to replicate Madonna’s sensational outfit from the 1991 Academy Awards. Meanwhile, her sister Kourtney payed homage to the late Michael Jackson as she escorted her sister dressed as the “King of Pop”.

But, it was her third costume that caused the biggest controversy online.

This year, Kim decided to pay homage to “musical legends”, hence her well received tributes to Cher and Madonna. However, her third look didn’t quite receive the same reception…