Justice Robin Camp told a Canadian Judicial Council inquiry Friday he’s “very sorry” for the “hurtful” comments he made to the complainant in a 2014 sexual assault trial when he was a provincial court judge in Calgary.


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“My concept of what I did wrong has grown,” he testified.

“I’m very sorry that, on reflection and rereading what I said, that I intimidated her, using facetious words.”

Camp’s testimony came on the fourth day of the inquiry into his handling of the 2014 sexual assault case in which he asked the complainant why she “couldn’t just keep [her] knees together.”

He told the inquiry’s panel of five Superior Court judges and senior lawyers that he now recognizes how the comment came from a “deep-rooted” bias he had, and he regrets ever uttering the “inappropriate” words.

“I wish I hadn’t said them,” he testified.

Camp has since been elevated to the Federal Court, but now faces the potential of being removed from the bench, pending the outcome of the inquiry.

He apologized today to the Canadian judiciary and to his family.

“I’ve let my family down. I’m sorry for the embarrassment I’ve caused to my wife and daughter,” he told the inquiry.

During testimony on Thursday, a law professor testified that Camp, who was educated in South Africa, didn’t know know the history of sexual assault law in Canada and at times made “rude and stupid” comments during the trial.

Transcripts show Camp also repeatedly referred to the complainant, mistakenly, as “the accused” during the trial.

At the inquiry Friday, he again mixed up those words when expressing his regret.

He later corrected himself, saying: “The person I most want to apologize to is the complainant.”

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