We all hate spiders don’t we? And we don’t really like snakes either. Well, even though they are larger and usually more dangerous  than the 8 legged freaks, plenty of snakes have fallen victim to these little monsters!

1. This gruesome scene was discovered in the break room of an office in Australia.

2. It’s a bad day to be a snake when you’re going up against an orb weaver spider.

3. No one messes with a redback spider and comes out in one piece. NO ONE!

4. Just another day in suburban Australia.

Just another day in suburban Australia.

Reddit / unsweatened

In fact, most of these photos were taken Down Under. I’m sure no one is shocked.

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5. This is not what you want to find in your basement.

6. A meal for two.

7. This is a still from the next Spiderman movie. Just kidding. It’s real life and it’s horrible.

8. A little blurry, but still terrifying.

9. I can’t even handle looking at this for longer than 10 seconds.

10. Here’s what happens when you get too close to the jaws of death.

(via Reddit)

I think they need to put these photos on tourism brochures for Australia. At least then people would know what could happen to them if they visited.