The people of Pensacola, Florida, are shocked and baffled by a triple murder that recently took place in the beach town. To make this devastating situation worse, older residents feel that this heinous act of violence is steeped in witchcraft.

Based on gruesome evidence found at the scene, police believe that the culprit was partaking in an occult ceremony connected with the moon, which brings no comfort to neighbors and their families.

Voncile Smith, 77, John William Smith, 49, and Richard Thomas Smith, 47, were found dead in their Pensacola home on Friday, July 31.

The date of the murders coincided with a blue moon, which is a phenomenon that only occurs once every three years.

According to police, the victims were hit with a blunt object and their throats were slit.

They were also positioned in a manner that suggests unwilling participation in an occultist ritual.

There’s no evidence of forced entry, which means that the Smiths probably knew their killer.

Interestingly, the entomological origin of the term “blue moon” is “belewe,” which translates to “betray.”

Pensacola police say that they’ve found a person of interest who’s associated with the family and practices witchcraft. Until this murderer is sitting in a jail cell, however, I suggest that residents get familiar with the lunar calendar. It could be a matter of life or death.