Kids say the darnedest things. And sometimes those things are so creepy that you will never want to be left alone with them...
hoboken train crash group victims

Officials in New York and New Jersey say they need more information to determine what caused a commuter train to plow into a rail station at a high rate of speed killing one woman and injuring 108 people.

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What was pitched as a straightforward process to buy $200 million in new mobile tents for the military has gone sideways, as companies involved have launched complaints to a trade tribunal and the Federal Court of Appeal even before the contract is awarded.

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Airline kicks passenger off plane for wearing Black Panther hat

Freelance e-sports journalist Amanda Stephens boarded a United Airlines flight on Wednesday to cover a tournament in Chicago, but never got off the ground — at least,...

World’s Fittest Grandma Body Builder Just Celebrated Her 80th Birthday

Ever felt like you're too old to do something? Well, you're not. And Ernestine Shepherd is proof of that. She's the world's oldest female bodybuilder, and believe it or not, the iron-pumping grandma recently turned 80. (via boredpanda)

Mail will keep moving today as Canada Post drops lockout threat

Letter Carriers Attacked 20150305

There were signs of progress Sunday in a contract dispute between Canada Post and the union representing 50,000 of its workers as talks resumed and the post office withdrew a threat to lock out its workers.

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