Who doesn't want their own secret room to escape to when all the worries of the world become too much? Nobody,...
It’s easy to say you’re a professional photographer these days. Good cameras are readily available and plenty of schools offer courses in...
The last time I went to a circus was in the UK back in 2012. There were plenty of acrobats, gymnasts, attractive...

The Top 100 Sexiest Horror Movie Actresses of All-Time

100. Jenny Agutter – An American Werewolf in London 99. Janet Leigh – Psycho 98. Jordan Ladd – Cabin Fever 97. Melissa George – The Amityville Horror 96. Virginia Madsen –...

Police kill ISIS sympathizer Aaron Driver to thwart ‘terrorist threat’ in Strathroy, Ont.

Aaron Driver

Aaron Driver, who had been under a peace bond for being an ISIS sympathizer, was killed Wednesday night by police responding to what they say was "a potential terrorist threat" in the southern Ontario town of Strathroy.

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Your Relationship Could Be Doomed If You Sleep In One Of The Following Positions

Intimacy in a relationship is about a lot more than just sex. Knowing your partner’s hopes for the future will help the two of you work...

America votes: Long lines and a lawsuit mark election day


America's ugly and unpredictable presidential election has entered its final hours, with voters flocking to polls to choose between Democrat Hillary Clinton, hoping to become the first woman to serve, and Republican Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who tapped into a searing strain of economic populism.

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